To produce the videos, we have gratefully received support from some individuals and church organisations, particularly Go! Sign.

However, to continue the work we now need financial support from our brothers and sisters in Christ - individuals like you and organisations.  There are many different ways that YOU can help and support us share the Gospel among the BSL community and we are now asking you to consider a tithe towards the BSL Daily Devotions.

Historically tithes were contributed in different kind such as agricultural products to support religious organisations; today however, tithes are normally voluntarily given. Regardless of how much you can commit to the BSL Daily Devotions, the rewards are greatly appreciated by our many regular viewers.
Tithes will be spent on travel expenses and production work in creating the online videos which involves much effort behind the scenes.

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No amount is too small,
...as every little counts.

With His blessings
BSL Daily Devotions team.