BSL Daily Devotions calling for your tithe... - 14th February 2014 (Spreading His love)

To produce the videos, we have gratefully received support from some individuals and church organisations, particularly Go! Sign. However, to continue the work we now need financial support from our brothers and sisters in Christ - individuals like you and organisations.  There are many different ways that YOU can help and support us share the Gospel among the BSL community and we are now asking you to consider a tithe towards the BSL Daily Devotions.

Historically tithes were contributed in different kind such as agricultural products to support religious organisations; today however, tithes are normally voluntarily given. Regardless of how much you can commit to the BSL Daily Devotions, the rewards are greatly appreciated by our many regular viewers.

Tithes will be spent on travel expenses and production work in creating the online videos which involves much effort behind the scenes.

Please consider supporting the BSL Daily Devotions. Contact us at to discuss your donation. No amount is too small, as every little counts.

BSL Daily Devotions joins hands with Upper Room - 1st September 2013

Over the last 18 months, BSL Daily Devotions has been very grateful to receive the Devotions from Deaf Missions based in America. BSL Daily Devotions thank them for this support.

BSL Daily Devotions will now be working with Upper Room, who will supply the Devotions. Upper Room are international based and they have a collection of Devotions from all over the world. The Devotions from Upper Room are known to provide profound and deep thinking toward Scripture. BSL Daily Devotions looks forward to working with Upper Room moving forward.

The Upper Room has a worldwide readership of some three million, and is unique in that all the meditations are written by readers of The Upper Room, who seek to share the insights of their faith with others, thus providing a personal take on each passage and a different style each day.

Each daily meditation includes a recommended Bible reading and a key verse, reflection and prayer, and questions for small group study are also included for each week.

Each issue of The Upper Room also has an index of meditations which can help us in various life situations or when struggling with emotions.

BSL Daily Devotions would like to express our gratitude to Deaf Missions and to toast a successful working relationship over the last 18 months.

BSL Daily Devotions look forward to starting our new relationship with Upper Room. The Devotions from Upper Room will start following their September – December 2013 edition. We would like your feedback on these Devotions. Thank you.

BSL Daily Devotions celebrates its First Anniversary - 19th June 2013

The first anniversary of the BSL Daily Devotions had been achieved.

To date there are over 850 members subscribing to the BSL Daily Devotions Facebook group over yet there are other people without Facebook account who regularly visit the site to view the videos.

There will be always ways to enhance their experience with the website and I strongly believe that it is my duty to serve Him. In addition to receiving a prestigious award for the best Accessible website, the best reward that I have from the website are the feedback that we continually receive especially the ones who feel that they have been reached by the Holy Spirit, indeed I know that God has planned my journey and given me my purposes even the ordeals with cancer.

New Logo for BSL Daily Devotions - 19th June 2013

The design of the leaves include the symbol of the cross reminding us that Christ had died for our sins. The original design of a singular leaf evolved over time and two other leaves were introduced to represent the Holy Trinity

A new wooden carving now proudly stands in the studio where the BSL Daily Devotions are recorded and will travel to be displayed at a number of events and conferences to remind and promote the website for deaf Christians and our hearing friends.