Compassionate giving

Bible Reading: Read Mark 12:41- 44
Author: Joy Freeman Buff (North Carolina, US)
Monday 15 October 2018 © The Upper Room.
Our minister recently challenged us to discover the depths of generos- ity and the blessings of giving. Every day for a fortnight, we were given a new task designed to help us discover the gift of generosity.

During this experience, I remembered that in the early years of my parents’ marriage, they struggled financially due to a meagre income, education expenses, family illness and running an old car. At a church prayer meeting, a gentleman stood and told of a family in the com- munity which was experiencing great difficulties and needed help. My father had hardly any money in his pocket, but with a loving and gen- erous heart, he contributed all of it to the needy family. The following day, he was shocked to learn that the money had been collected for us, for his family.

I am thankful for my father’s example of sacrificial giving.
Greater still is the ultimate example of generosity demonstrated by our Lord Jesus Christ. When opportunities arise to contribute time or resources, I reflect on these examples of selflessness and strive to give with a joy- ful and grateful heart.

Prayer: Generous God, help us never to take for granted all that comes from you. Give us generous hearts as we serve others in your name. Amen
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