Stop, Look and Share

Bible Reading: Luke 24:13-35
Author: Ken Kingston (Buckinghamshire, England)
Saturday 13 April 2024 © The Upper Room.

We were in a hurry to catch the bus. ‘But stop, Daddy,’ said my daughter as she bent down to look at the caterpillar at her feet. She picked it up, marvelled at its hairy-looking body, and chuckled at the number of feet. Only after she had carefully placed the caterpillar somewhere safe, where no one would step on it, did we continue on our journey.

My daughter’s curiosity offered me a fresh insight that morning. In today’s reading, Jesus offered the two companions a new understanding. After they had spoken with Jesus, they saw things from a new perspective-a divine point of view. How often do we need others to point things out to us that we cannot see for ourselves? But that’s not the end of the story in Luke 24. Just like my daughter who had to share her discovery of the caterpillar with me, Cleopas and his companion could not keep this discovery to themselves but had to share it.

Prayer: Dear Lord Jesus, help us to be open to the new insights you offer us, from wherever and whomever they come. Amen 

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Just wanted to say I think the daily devotions site is great! It's fantastic to see someone putting vision into practice! Looking forward to watching them each day. It's also so good to see your testimony on the site :-) May God bless you and your family richly in this and everything! SH