Don't Get Too Comfortable

Bible Reading: Romans 12:9-15
Author: John UpChurch (Tennessee, USA)
Thursday 23 November 2017

The hunt for our first house stretched out for months. My wife and I scoured property magazines and websites. We surfed by, drove by and walked through dozens of potential homes.

The red house had a shimmering newness to it. The rooms echoed with space, the arched doorways dressed up our furniture, and the wood floors reflected the sunlight.

But when we brought our first daughter home, those rooms that had seemed so big suddenly shrank.

We had become so familiar with our home that the excitement of having found it slowly lost out to thoughts about why it didn’t work for us anymore. We lost our sense of wonder about the red house.

As with our house, the events in the Bible—even the miracles—lose the power to impact us if we get too cosy with them. We’ve read about them and heard sermons about them. But when was the last time we thought about them as actual events?

After all, it’s not just the story of Jesus’ resurrection that makes the difference; it’s the reality of that empty tomb.

Prayer: Dear Lord, never let me take for granted your love for me and your sacrifice in my place. Amen

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Hello all at bsldailydevotions :) Just found your website through Twitter. Marvellous!!! Already I have been encouraged & my spirit is happy! :) Thank you! TR