Foggy faith

Bible Reading: Kings 6:8-17
Author: Lori Hatcher (South Carolina, US)
Wednesday 21 March 2018 © The Upper Room.
I awakened to a fog-filled morning. The fog had crept in while I slept, shrouding my neighbourhood and reducing visibility.  Peering  out  of my front window, I couldn’t see my neighbour’s house, just 25 feet in front of me. It wasn’t until three hours later, when the fog lifted, that the house became visible  again.
Sometimes I feel as if my life is shrouded in fog. In the midst of uncertainty, loss or a broken relationship I have trouble seeing my heavenly Father’s face, even though I know that he is always  near.
Elisha’s servant also suffered from ‘foggy’ faith. He awoke to find an army of enemy chariots surrounding the city. Seeing himself in danger of being killed or captured, the servant panicked. Elisha, however, wasn’t fooled. He knew that God and his angels were also there. ‘Help him see,’ Elisha prayed. Suddenly the servant’s eyes were opened, and he could see the help that had been there all along.
God is always near, even when our circumstances make it difficult to see the help that is available to  us.

Prayer: Dear Lord, help us to see beyond the difficulties we are experiencing to realise that you are at work. Thank you for your constant presence. Amen
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Hello Ramon Woolfe, wants to say thanks for the BSL Daily Devotions which is brilliant and i want to say thank you for put this up because i always watch Daily Devotions ASL so keep going as would like to see number growing as let God guide you all... I would love to get involve but only if you can :) God bless you all in richly CMV