Standing in confidence

Bible Reading: Samuel 17:31-47
Author: Mandy Slade (Somerset, England)
Tuesday 24 April 2018 © The Upper Room.
In today’s reading, the battle lines were drawn and the stakes were high. Freedom was the prize. The Philistines stood confidently with Goliath leading them. The Israelites were in a state of turmoil, dismayed and terrified – all except for one: David, the youngest of Jesse’s sons. David had confidence in himself and knew that God was leading the Israelites. He had even greater confidence that God stood with him and would deliver him from the danger he was facing.
Each one of us will experience times in our lives when the odds seem to be stacked against us and we feel weak, vulnerable and afraid. But it’s in these times that we can remember with confidence that we are not alone – God is with us and will see us through.

Prayer: Dear God, when the odds are stacked against us help us to stand confidently, knowing that you are at our side. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen
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I really love your new website and videos, praise God! Thank God for helping Ramon beat cancer, thank God for His saving grace and healing Holy Spirit. Thank you. God bless you all. SH