A Misguided GPS

Bible Reading: James 1:2-8
Author: Jerry Bragalone (Pennsylvania, US)
Saturday 25 May 2024 © The Upper Room.

The headline read, ‘Man Follows Sat-Nav Directions and Drives Car into River’. The driver of the car said he was travelling at night, the road was dark and the weather was foggy. He believed that the directions his sat-nav gave him were correct, unaware that the unfamiliar road ahead ended in disaster.

As I read the newspaper article, I began to think how easily we can be misled or distracted as we travel through life. Our world can offer any number of tempting paths, which may or may not prove to be the right direction for us. Other people can persuade us to think that we are making right choices. But sometimes those options can lead us down roads that are potentially dangerous.

Fortunately, through prayer, we can ask God for daily guidance and wisdom to know which paths are right for us. From God we can receive the kind of wisdom that goes beyond human reasoning. Centring our lives in daily prayer helps us to find the way, guiding us toward joyful living and an eternal home.

Prayer: Dear heavenly Father, thank you for guiding us through life. Thank you for your wisdom that shows us what to do when we are faced with difficult decisions. Amen

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Hi Clark, I like (especially) the today devotions, they really are cheering me up! Thanks to you and your team! Love, Sabine (Germany)