An Imperfect Disciple

Bible Reading: Luke 22: 54 - 62
Author: Lynda Samuel (Scotland)
Saturday 21 July 2018 © The Upper Room.

We know that Peter was about to deny his Lord three times, in spite of his earlier protestations to the contrary. Yet he did have the courage to follow his Lord, albeit at a distance. 

I know how easy it is to be a fair-weather friend of Jesus. I try to blend in when I’m with an unbelieving crowd, afraid to stand up for  the truth of the gospel. I don’t want to risk causing offence or feeling embarrassed. Yet when I have spoken up, it has usually been easier for me than I expected.

The Lord promises us words to say (Luke 21:15), and our spirits are strengthened whenever we speak up for our faith. It is heartening to know that Jesus knows our weaknesses and wants to love and restore us. Jesus foretold Peter’s denials but also assured him that he had work for Peter to do in the future. In the more than 50 years since I committed my life to Jesus, I have faltered and stumbled many times. But Jesus has been there to pick me up, just as he did with Peter in John 21:15–17. Even in our weakness, Jesus never gives up on us.

Prayer: Dear Lord, forgive our hesitation to show our love for you. Strengthen us so that others may know you through us. Amen  

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BSL devotions is such a fantastic resource, thank you so much for starting it up and developing the site. I am a Christian hearing person who works with deaf people and have loved the opportunity to develop my understanding of and use of christian signs through the videos. It would be great to know who all the sign interpreters are as well as those who write the devotional content. Perhaps as the website grows in the future, UK deaf and hearing Christians can contribute to the devotion content. Many thanks and blessings. Please keep the site going! HJ