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Bible Reading: Ephesians 3:14-21
Wednesday 26 April 2017

If you tell a friend about Jesus, is your job finished? No! After you share with someone about salvation through Jesus, there are many things you can do to help them.

The verses in our Bible Reading today are a prayer that Paul prayed for other Christians.

Paul prayed this prayer and asked God to help the Christians in the city of Ephesus to grow. After you tell someone about Jesus, you can pray this same prayer and ask God to help them become a strong Christian.

After you tell someone about Jesus, there are other things you can do, too.

You can encourage them to study the Bible, pray, be baptised, go to church and fellowship with other Christians.

God wants us to help the church grow by telling people about Jesus. Then He wants us to help these people become like Jesus.

I hope that you will obey God and use the tools that He has given you! —GT

Ephesians 3:17 “I pray that Christ will live in your hearts because of your faith. I pray that your life will be strong in love and be built on love.”

PRAYER: Lord, I want to tell people about Jesus today. In His name. Amen.

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I am so thrilled and excited about the BSL version of Deaf Missions Daily Devotions. I have their booklet and been using them for nearly a year. I have good command of English but still struggle with the concept of the context at times. What a difference it has made just watching someone signing the passage so clearly and of superior quality! I notice the USA are far more advanced with access to the Gospel in ASL but now you have made it possible for us. So many thanks for this! May it go from strength to strength. JJ