Prayer Time

Bible Reading: Luke 11:1-4
Friday 3 July 2020 © The Upper Room.
Jesus’ followers wanted to learn how to pray to God. So they asked Jesus to teach them. Jesus prayed a short prayer to show His followers how to pray.

Sometimes I go visit a good friend. She is happy to see me. We sit down with a cup of coffee and talk about our families and what’s happening in our lives. My friend encourages me in my Christian life. It is good to be with someone who is happy to spend time with me.

Each one of us has the opportunity to talk to God any time of any day. God is always ready to pay attention to our prayers. He shows us His love and encourages us to continue following Him.

Take time to visit with God today. Pray to Him and tell Him how you are feeling. Share your praises and struggles with Him. Then listen to God as you read His Word, the Bible. —ES

Zephaniah 3:17 “The Lord your God is with you. He is like a powerful soldier. He will save you. He will show how much he loves you. He will show you how happy he is with you. He will laugh and be happy about you, like people at a party.” 

PRAYER: God, it is wonderful to talk with You every day. In Jesus’ name. Amen.
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Hello Ramon Woolfe, wants to say thanks for the BSL Daily Devotions which is brilliant and i want to say thank you for put this up because i always watch Daily Devotions ASL so keep going as would like to see number growing as let God guide you all... I would love to get involve but only if you can :) God bless you all in richly CMV