My Mission

Bible Reading: Acts 20: 20 - 24
Author: Ron Sanders (Michigan, US)
Friday 22 June 2018 © The Upper Room.

For many years I have wondered, ‘What is my mission in life?’ I am a retired police detective. My career was cut short because of a stroke that left me with a speech impediment and the need to use a walker for balance. I thought that my life’s mission was over. But then I remembered a tape a friend had given me. I listened to its spiritual and inspirational message again and remembered that the speaker also has a speech impediment. Even with a speech impairment greater than mine, this speaker talks to hundreds of people each year, telling them the good news of Jesus! Because of this speaker and today’s quoted verse, I have rediscovered the mission for my life – to spread the good news of Jesus. I now give inspirational, spiritual and motivational presentations to other stroke survivors in hospitals and churches. My public speaking gives me the opportunity to spread the good news of Jesus. Even with my speech impediment and my walker, I have found that I can complete my mission in life – the mission God has given me.

Prayer: Dear Lord, help us to embrace and fulfil the mission you have given each of us. Amen 

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