Steelworker Surprise

Bible Reading: 1 Peter 2:9-12
Author: Daniel Favor (British Columbia, Canada)
Friday 26 November 2021 © The Upper Room.

At high school I excelled in drama, public speaking and English.

However, for the last eight years I have worked in a steel-welding shop of 30 employees. A career in steelwork was never in my plans.

I’ve often asked myself, Why am I here? The answer is becoming clear to me. I am the only Christian in my workplace.

I am one of the crew, which has given me the opportunity to talk about spiritual issues with men who rarely even consider them. Many have never attended any church. If my pastor were to try to share the gospel in our canteen, he would be ignored, so perhaps God has placed me there instead.

Each of us spends our day somewhere—whether in an office, at home, on holiday, shopping in a supermarket or working in a loud, dirty steel plant.

We might be where God has put us to fulfil a specific purpose or accomplish a special mission.

Prayer: Dear Jesus, please give us the opportunities and courage to share the gospel. Amen

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God bless you all and thanks to God for Ramon's healing! \O/ SD