Finding Hope

Bible Reading: Romans 15:8-13
Author: Hayes Mizell (South Carolina, USA)
Friday 22 September 2017
In a discussion group, someone asked us where we find ‘ultimate happiness’. People answered the question in different ways. Some said they find ultimate happiness in the love of family and friends, others in the satisfaction of productive work. 

But a woman of deep faith had a unique perspective. Her job is to help parents identify appropriate educational arrangements for their children with serious emotional and behavioural problems. For her, ultimate happiness is ‘finding where the hope is’.

We live in troubled times, when many people are without hope. Yet God is always present, always at work. Because of the life, ministry and sacrifice of Jesus Christ, millions of Christians throughout the world bring hope to people in need. Every kind word is a seed of hope. Every act of mercy sows hope. 

Every moment of teaching and learning is a path toward hope.

Even for Christians it is not always easy to ‘abound in hope’ (Romans 15:13) especially in circumstances of individual and global despair. But through worship, scripture and prayer we can gain the vision and strength to help others find where the hope is.

Prayer: Gracious God, open our eyes to the needs of people near and far, and empower us as agents of your grace. Amen
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BSL devotions is such a fantastic resource, thank you so much for starting it up and developing the site. I am a Christian hearing person who works with deaf people and have loved the opportunity to develop my understanding of and use of christian signs through the videos. It would be great to know who all the sign interpreters are as well as those who write the devotional content. Perhaps as the website grows in the future, UK deaf and hearing Christians can contribute to the devotion content. Many thanks and blessings. Please keep the site going! HJ