Bible Reading: Psalm 8:1-9
Author: Suzie Tors (California, USA)
Monday 27 September 2021 © The Upper Room.
A few days ago while I was driving, I saw the most beautiful sunset. 

I had just read Psalm 8 that morning, so it was fresh in my mind and I pulled over to watch. The sun was a vibrant orange as it sank over the horizon, painting the clouds with gorgeous shades of gold, red and purple. 

I spent some time praising God for this beauty, and I was reminded of the pictures recently taken by the Hubble space telescope that orbits our planet. I marvelled at the gigantic swirling clouds of colourful galaxies that are simply the work of God’s fingers.

Sometimes I wonder as the psalmist did, ‘What are human beings that you are mindful of them?’ Looking at the vastness of our universe can make me feel quite small and insignificant. 

But God reassures us that we are ‘crowned with glory and honour’. Throughout God’s word we are assured that he loves us and that we are significant. What an honour!

Prayer: Loving Creator, thank you for the beauty that you created and for being mindful of us. Amen
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I just wanted to congratulate you on this initiative. What an amazing resource for the Deaf community in the UK. Thank God for your obedience in going forward with this. GL