What We Know is True

Bible Reading: 2 Timothy 3:10-17
Author: Andy Baker (Tennessee, USA)
Sunday 24 October 2021 © The Upper Room.

Recently, I flew to a small town in Alaska—a beautiful land of snow, ice, moose and bear. I had hoped it would be a clear day so I could see a glacier or two or maybe a herd of moose or caribou.

Instead, it was snowing, and the dark grey day offered little visibility.

The plane was small, with no door between us and the pilots. As I looked up where the pilots sat, I realised that for the entire flight they could not see anything through their windscreen. Instead, they relied on their instruments to guide our flight.

I could not help but think about how we act and react when we are going through the storms and turmoil of life and cannot see the future.

When we cannot see how we are going to make it, we can trust what we know to be true: God is with us. He hears our prayers, sees our tears and wants to guide us. Just as those pilots could not see what was ahead of them, we can’t see the future, but we can trust the guidance we find in God’s word.

Prayer: Thank you, God, for the truth you reveal to us in your word. Thank you for Jesus, who brought your truth to life. Amen

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