Pray All Day

Bible Reading: Thessalonians 5:16-18
Author: Monica A. Andermann (New York, US)
Friday 20 September 2019 © The Upper Room.

I recall the first time I read the verse in 1 Thessalonians that urges us to pray without ceasing. If I pray without ceasing, I thought, how will I have time to accomplish all the other tasks required of me?

After thoughtful consideration, I realised how I could pray throughout the day.

I began to approach my daily tasks with a prayerful heart. I soon found that my work was more enjoyable when I turned it into an opportunity to commune with God. For example, during house cleaning I gave thanks for God’s order in my life. As I prepared meals, I prayed for those who would eat at my table and for those who do not have enough to eat. When weeding the garden, I imagined letting go of old hurts and prideful thoughts with each weed I pulled.

Each moment in our lives presents a chance for prayer. I want to take advantage of every opportunity.

Prayer: Dear Lord, thank you for hearing our prayers. May we always recognise the opportunities that can be turned into moments of com­munion with you. Amen

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Great to see a brand new daily devotions in BSL. Keep up the good work may many lives be touched by God word through this website - Philippians 1v6 "He (God)who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion" - Press on God will use this site to help many to rediscover their faith or find it for the first time! MP (Devon)