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BSL Daily Devotions is a web-based collection of devotions translated into British Sign Language.

The devotions are mediations written by readers of the book ‘The Upper Room’, who seek to share the insights of their faith with other people worldwide, thus providing a BSL version of each passage and a different style each day.

Since its launch in June 2012, each daily devotions includes a recommended Bible reading and a key verse which viewers can consult with their own bible for reflection.  The Archive section collects all the devotions which can help us all in various life situations or when struggling with emotions.


Inspired by the American Deaf Missions’ Daily Devotions and encouraged by both his minster, Gill Behenna, and the Lord, Ramon Woolfe started the website after his own battles with cancer - “…I felt the need and the duty for this to be shared among our BSL signers in this country so that they can receive the Gospel.”

On its first anniversary in 2013, there have been many praises from both deaf and hearing people who view the devotions in their own leisure.  The Facebook BSL Daily Devotions group had been joined by nearly a thousand members to date.

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BSL Daily Devotions have received great support from many individuals and church organisations especially Go! Sign which we are grateful for.

BSL Daily Devotions continue to exist with the support of our brothers and sisters in Christ - individuals like you and organisations.  There are many different ways that YOU can help and support us share the Gospel among the BSL community. 

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Please send your feedback by emailing feedback@bsldailydevotions.co.uk

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