All in Perspective

Bible Reading: 1 Thessalonians 5:1-18
Author: Terry Dilbeck Didelot (South Carolina, USA)
Friday 6 September 2013 © The Upper Room.
One morning while I was eating breakfast outside, I noticed something unusual about the day. As I looked to my left the sky was dark, very cloudy, and threatening rain. To my right the sun was shining, and a few fluffy white clouds were passing by—the promise of a gorgeous summer day. 

I started to think about the choices we have every day. We can look at the gloomy side of life, or we can focus on a positive attitude as much as possible.

Heartache, sadness and circumstances beyond our control are going to happen sometimes. We can face the challenge, do what we can to help, pray about it and then with God’s help work to change our focus to positive, uplifting thoughts and actions.

Much pain and unhappiness exists throughout our world today. If we let ourselves dwell too long on this, we will become sad and bitter people. However, God created us to enjoy this life. We can thank him in return for this most wonderful gift by making the most of each and every day. Let’s begin today by expressing our love for our wonderful Creator and by loving one another!

Prayer: Thank you, dear Lord, for giving us life and for all your blessings we enjoy each and every day. Instil in us a good attitude and loving spirit so that others will see your love and grace at work in our lives. Amen
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God bless you all and thanks to God for Ramon's healing! \O/ SD