The Enemy

Bible Reading: Psalm 6:1-10
Sunday 16 June 2013 © The Upper Room.

I have an enemy. 

My enemy is very cruel. He does not care about my feelings. 

My enemy wants to hurt me. He is very powerful, and he is happy when I am in trouble. Do you know who my enemy is? He is the devil.

The devil is probably your enemy, too. He wants all people to sin and disobey God. When the devil tempts me to sin, I need to ask God to help me resist the temptation. God is much stronger than the devil, so He will help me win the battle against the devil.

Verse 4 of our Bible Reading says, “Lord, come back and make me strong again. Save me because you are so loyal and kind.”

This verse reminds me that God’s love will never fail. We can always depend on God to give us strength as we battle against the devil.

The devil will attack you today. Depend on God’s help and stand strong for Him. —CW*

Psalm 34:6-7 “As a poor, helpless man I prayed to the Lord, and he heard me. He saved me from all my troubles. The Lord’s angel builds a camp around his followers, and he protects them.”

PRAYER: Dear God, thank You for helping me stand strong. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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I think it is brilliant. I enjoy very much. It meet my need. I pray and hope it will carry on? God bless and hug. JL