Bible Reading: Psalm 3:1-8
Friday 18 August 2017

I had many troubles. My mother had a stroke, so my sister and I took care of her and our father. Then my son wrecked our car. Things were not going well at my job, and we were having financial problems.

At that same time, I came home one day, and the yard was full of cars. I learned that my house had been struck by lightning. This caused a fire.

My husband and some neighbours put the fire out with blankets. They tried to wash the blankets in our washer, but the lightning had also damaged the washer. When they used the washer, water leaked out and flooded the house.

I felt like the writer of Psalm 3. In verse 1 he said, “Lord, I have so many enemies. So many people have turned against me.”

But the writer realised that his only help would come from God. “But you, Lord, protect me. You bring me honour; you give me hope” (verse 3).

God took care of me through all my troubles and gave me peace. He will take care of you, too. —ES

Psalm 3:5 “I can lie down to rest and know that I will wake up, because the Lord covers and protects me.”

PRAYER: God, thank You for always being there to help me. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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Hi Bro/ Sis, BSL daily devotion is brilliant and useful for all BSL users and know more about Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Also, know more what is mean to us and to our spiritual life. MA