Bible Reading: Psalm 30:8-12
Author: Ms. Tatiana Claudy (Indiana, USA)
Saturday 13 April 2024 © The Upper Room.
Sent by my Russian church to a Christian conference, I was traveling to Budapest.  Many worries occupied me: I had no idea how to find the conference location; I couldn’t afford a taxi; and I did not speak Hungarian.  Among the passengers was an elderly Hungarian man who could help me, but I did not want to ask him.  I thought that, like many of his generation, he might still remember the way the Russian army crushed the Hungarian Revolution in 1956.  So I was afraid that he would rebuff me.  Finally, after a lengthy prayer, I approached him and presented my problem.

To my surprise he took my suitcase, accompanied me to the bus stop, bought my ticket, and asked the driver to tell me where to get out.  I tried to reimburse him, but he refused.  He shook my hand, smiled at me, and left.

While riding through Budapest’s beautiful downtown, I prayed and thanked my heavenly Father for sending me this helper.  In the actions of this kind stranger, I saw the fulfilment of God’s words: “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you”.

Prayer: Dear Lord, help us to set aside our worry and instead trust you to be our refuge and strength. In Jesus’ name. Amen.
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Hi, I just want to say that it's a fantastic opportunity for Deaf and hearing to have this wonderful access, as it's my first language to understand the meaning of what it was being said, praise the Lord!! Many thanks!!!! HE