Bible Reading: Mark 16:1-8
Author: Mr. K. E. Mathew (Louisiana, USA)
Sunday 14 April 2024 © The Upper Room.
While chasing a ball that my grandson threw, I fell facedown on my driveway.  The crunching noise of my teeth against the concrete and the gushing blood from my mouth and nose were scary.  As a surgeon, my biggest fears were that I had a skull fracture or bleeding in the brain.  An ambulance took me to the emergency room, and the scan of my head showed no fracture or bleeding inside the skull.  My worries turned out to be unfounded.

Following this incident, I could identify with the women on their way to the tomb the first Easter Sunday.  They had been worried about the huge stone at the entrance, not knowing that God had already moved it for them.  Life throws different types of “stones” on our paths.  When we are faced with problems that are too much for us to handle, we can turn to God.  No burden is too heavy for God to carry and no stone too large for God to move — God is willing and able to sustain us through any trial or suffering.

Prayer: Dear God, thank you for moving the heavy stones from our paths.  Help us to trust you through our trials. Amen.
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