A Child Shall Lead Them

Bible Reading: Mark 10:13-16
Author: Mr. Brock Knoll (Iowa, USA)
Saturday 13 April 2019 © The Upper Room.
Because of illness, I haven’t been able to attend church services regularly.  However, I did get a surprise and blessing when children from my church knocked on my door one evening to give me a stone they had painted with “We (heart symbol) you!”  Their craftwork now sits on my nightstand so that as each new day begins and ends, their loving gift reminds me of God’s love.

At times in the Bible it seems that Jesus was truly frustrated with the adults who asked so much of him. In today’s reading, he rebuked those who would attempt to separate him from children.  In fact, he stood a child before these adults to give a living example of what the kingdom of God is like: innocent, open, unpretentious, unreservedly loving.

It is a sacred responsibility to raise the children in our lives to know the ways of God through teaching and example.  Like a family, we as a church take special care of the children among us, through Sunday school, church camp, youth choir, or other programs.  But there is a danger that we adults see these opportunities as only one-way.  Perhaps each of us should consider the children around us and ask: What can they teach me?

Prayer: Loving God, may we be reborn with the wonder and joy of seeing you with childlike faith. Amen.
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Just to let you know that l like your BSL video about BSL Daily Devotions. l pray God for you! l am born again Christian. so l attends new life church in Croydon. l know that God will come anytime. That is good for you to set up for deaf people have to learn and aware of your presentation about God's words. I am glad that you deliver God's spirits in you. l understand that you had colon cancer. God knows that he love you always. l am glad that you had been baptism already. Amazing praise God!! Amen! l like to watch your BSL Daily Devotions. Thanks, God bless you always. JR