God Is Calling

Bible Reading: Matthew 25:31-46
Author: Mr. Thad Carter (Texas, USA)
Wednesday 13 March 2019 © The Upper Room.
I struggled for a long time with whether I should become an ordained minister.  I often heard other people talk about hearing the voice of God; but though I felt a strong pull toward the ministry, I had not heard God’s call.

One day my pastor told me that the minister of a nearby church was ill and asked if I could preach there on Sunday morning.  I prepared my message with great apprehension.  When I arrived at the church, the people welcomed me warmly, and I felt a sense of peace as I preached.
Later on I was given an opportunity to be a lay speaker at several small churches in the area, and eventually I was asked to pastor two churches.  I learned much from the people at those churches and appreciated their patience and encouragement.  I later started my formal training, and after years of study I was ordained.

Nearly 40 years later, I can look back and see that God did call me — through the opportunities I was given and the love of people who helped me to continue even when I became discouraged.
We may not hear God’s voice or see angels, but if we see a need and are able to meet it, God may be calling us to serve.

Prayer:  Dear God, thank you for the opportunity to serve you whether we feed the hungry or share your word with others.  Amen.

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I think it is brilliant. I enjoy very much. It meet my need. I pray and hope it will carry on? God bless and hug. JL