Compassionate Friends

Bible Reading: Psalm 18:1-6
Author: Mrs. Lucinda J. Rollings (Indiana, USA)
Friday 8 March 2019 © The Upper Room.
My friend Virginia was overwhelmed and exhausted, having to go to work each day and also care for her husband, who was confined at home with terminal cancer.  Tearfully, she would leave him each morning with his lunch and water within his reach and walk out the door with an agonising prayer, “Lord, how am I going to do this?”

Hearing of Virginia’s dilemma, several people from our church began helping with meals.  Others came to sit with her husband for a few hours each day.  They would read the Bible and pray, chat, or watch TV.  Virginia told us how comforting it was to know that her husband was being loved and cared for when she could not be there.

A bit of compassion goes a long way.  God had heard Virginia’s distress call and prompted her community to come to her aid.  It was an opportunity for us to show God’s love as we followed the call of Christ, lightening her load.  God was with Virginia and her husband during that time — perhaps most powerfully through compassionate friends and family.

Prayer:  Dear Father, thank you for your care, and for the hands of those who share it.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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So blessed by this weekend's devotions!! Thank you!! DJ