God is with us

Bible Reading: Joshua 1:1-9
Author: Sara Hague (Oregon, US)
Sunday 8 July 2018 © The Upper Room.
My husband and I were praying about moving our family across the country to help launch a new ministry. Leaving family, friends and a good job behind made the decision hard, but we felt that God was urging us to go. One night when my heart felt heavy about leaving, I was reading the scripture passage above from Joshua. As I read that God asked Joshua to move not only his family but an entire nation into a new land, the words almost leapt off the page at me. Instantly, I felt God’s peace fill me. I knew that he was asking us to go and promising to be with us.

After we had put the children to bed, I shared this insight with my husband. He jumped up to get a scrap of paper from his shirt pocket that one of his students had given him. On it, the student had written the exact same verse. We thanked God for reassuring us in such an amazing way.

When God asks us to do something new or challenging, he will be with us – giving us the strength and courage to obey. Every time we read scripture and ask him to help us apply it to our lives, we can watch and wait. God is faithful to encourage us along the way.

Prayer: Thank you, God, for giving us the strength and courage to do what you have called us to do. Amen
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