Bible Reading: 1 Samuel 7: 7 - 12
Author: Deb Vellines (Missouri, US)
Wednesday 11 July 2018 © The Upper Room.

When I first sang the words, ‘Here  I  raise  mine  Ebenezer;  hither  by thy help I’m come’, I had no idea what Ebenezer meant. Then I read today’s scripture and learned that Ebenezer refers to a stone memorial that Samuel built to remind the people how much God had helped them. The word means ‘Stone of Help’. 

I recognise the Lord’s daily help when I look back at my journals, which I now think of as ‘Ebenezer journals’.  Each day I make a list of ten things I am thankful for from the day before. I also make a list of prayer requests. 

The thank-you lists are often answers to the requests. Regardless of the year or date, as I flip open the pages I am always struck by God’s faithfulness. I am especially thankful for these records on days when I question God’s answers — or lack of answers. When we remember God’s help ‘thus far’, then, like Samuel, we can give thanks. And as we raise our Ebenezers, we need not doubt that help will come.

Prayer: Loving Father, thank you for hearing our prayers. Help us to trust your faithfulness. Amen Thought 

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I am deaf with C.I. - basic BSL, want to learn more. Go to Bridgwater and Weston Super Mare signing church. Have met Gill several times. I think this is a wonderful!! My kind friend Astrid sent me this from Bristol - she has cycled round the world in 2 years - a magical feat! I found life difficult when becoming deaf and decided to make it more `visible` by making BSL jewellery. I have sold some and donate to BSL bible translation, so it is lovely to have this and I will tell my friends about it. JN