Trust and act

Bible Reading: Read Matthew 25:35-40
Author: Larry Scanlan (Maryland, US)
Thursday 7 June 2018 © The Upper Room.
After descending the steps of the small plane at a rural airport, I walked
into the terminal building, which looked more like a bus station than
an airport. I picked up a courtesy phone, seeking to find a taxi into town
to make a business appointment. The man on the phone said he could
not drive me at the moment but suggested I go to the rental-car
When I got there, I saw only another courtesy phone. Lifting it, I
immediately recognised the voice. It was the same man! He told me to
walk behind the counter. He then proceeded to give me the
combination to the safe. He said I should feel free to take a set of keys
and return the car when I had finished my business trip. I asked if he
needed any credit card info or paperwork signed. He said no and then
said, ‘Welcome to Garden City; we trust people here.’
This man had extended to me extreme kindness and trust. His
actions challenged me to be more kind and generous toward others.
This experience reminded me that God doesn’t care about the ‘paper-
work’ but about our actions – acts of love that draw others into wanting
to know more about the Christ we serve, the one in whom we can
always trust.
Prayer: Dear Lord, help us to share your kindness and love with
others, especially when they do not expect it. Amen
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