A rich harvest.

Bible Reading: Matthew 13:1-23
Author: Kazuo Ishikawa (Akita, Japan)
Monday 14 May 2018 © The Upper Room.

One of our church members invited us to her farm to have a go at growing food. We got up early one day to plant taros, a type of root vegetable. Several weeks later, we were invited back to check each taro we had planted and remove weeds around it to help it grow healthily and to obtain a rich harvest. We found that every young taro looked bigger than before, which made us happy. However, when we looked         carefully, we saw that almost every taro had been surrounded by weeds; some of the weeds had even grown bigger than the taros. We started to pull out the weeds from around the taros. One of my church members advised me as she watched my work, ‘Just picking the weeds is not enough. You have to pull out the roots!’

This experience made me think about our spiritual growth as Christians. We can cultivate spiritual fruit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. To make this possible, we must completely remove all the weeds – including the roots – that hinder our spiritual growth.

Prayer: Dear God, help us to remove what is unnecessary in our lives in order to be what you want us to be. Amen

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I am so thrilled and excited about the BSL version of Deaf Missions Daily Devotions. I have their booklet and been using them for nearly a year. I have good command of English but still struggle with the concept of the context at times. What a difference it has made just watching someone signing the passage so clearly and of superior quality! I notice the USA are far more advanced with access to the Gospel in ASL but now you have made it possible for us. So many thanks for this! May it go from strength to strength. JJ