Bible Reading: John 4:34-36
Author: Randy Tramp (South Dakota, US)
Wednesday 17 August 2022 © The Upper Room.
I walked out of the nursing home feeling like a failure. I had gone to visit a friend and to tell him about the good news of Jesus. Yet, as usual, I lacked the courage. Over the following weeks, I prayed earnestly for courage to share my faith. I know that this type of evangelism is not everyone’s gift, but the opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus and the abundant life he offers has become a passion for me.

After many prayers, the day finally came when I decided I would no longer let my fear stop me. One day soon after, following God’s nudg- ing, I approached a man in a cafeteria. Pulse increasing, voice crack- ing, I asked, ‘Have you accepted Jesus as your Lord and Saviour?’ With tears, he replied, ‘My mum on her death bed asked me to do that.’ We prayed, and he asked Jesus into his  life.

At times, we may feel as if we have failed God. But when we continue to pray, we will discover opportunities to use the gifts God has given us. When we are willing to serve, he is willing to give us the strength and power to fulfil the plans we have made. Above all, we can come to love doing his will.

Prayer: Dear God, show us our gifts, and guide us to opportunities to use them. Restore our passion for your work and help us to seek your will above our own. Amen
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I just wanted to congratulate you on this initiative. What an amazing resource for the Deaf community in the UK. Thank God for your obedience in going forward with this. GL