Eyes closing

Bible Reading: Acts 12:1-6
Author: Marion Turnbull (Liverpool, England)
Thursday 20 January 2022 © The Upper Room.
Four-year-old James climbed into his car seat, and we drove off. ‘My eyes are closing down,’ he announced sleepily. No wonder! He had just spent a long day playing on the beach and splashing in the sea.

I laughed. My eyes were also drooping. How easily sleep takes over when we have had plenty of fresh air and exercise. Sleep is  one  of God’s good gifts to us, but sometimes circumstances require us to keep awake a bit longer.

How wonderful that God’s eyes never droop! In today’s reading, Herod had just killed Peter’s friend and planned to have Peter killed the next day. Imprisoned and chained to soldiers, he had good reason to spend a sleepless night. But his eyes drooped and he slept. Even while Peter slept, some stayed awake all night praying for him. He was in the hands of the God who never slumbers or sleeps (see Psalm 121:4, NIV). We can rest, knowing that the same is true for us.

Prayer: Dear God, we need not fear because you are watching over us. Thank you for your love and constant care. Amen
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Hi, I just want to say that it's a fantastic opportunity for Deaf and hearing to have this wonderful access, as it's my first language to understand the meaning of what it was being said, praise the Lord!! Many thanks!!!! HE