An awesome responsibility

Bible Reading: Psalm 34:1-8
Author: Michael Slaton (Alabama, US)
Thursday 20 January 2022 © The Upper Room.
In March 2003 I had a serious stroke. It was an especially difficult time because I am left-handed and was paralysed on my left side for quite a while. The doctors did not expect me to recover, but God had another plan. I did recover, went back to college and began a new career.

After my stroke, I went through a time when I was obsessed with getting better and wanting to see my sons grow up. I began to feel sorry for myself. But I finally said, ‘Lord, only you can take away my fears. I will  trust you.’

I look back on that experience often. I don’t take life for granted any longer. God loves all of us and wants what is best for us. Now I spend time with God in prayer many times each day. I am thankful for the privilege of prayer, but I also realise that prayer is an awesome responsibility. We all go through difficult situations in life, and some are worse than others. But how we deal with those situations is what is important. If we pray and pray expectantly, our difficulties can turn into blessings as well as great opportunities to encourage and bless others.

Prayer: Dear Lord, thank you for the privilege and responsibility of prayer. May we use our difficulties as a way to encourage others. In Jesus’ name. Amen
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I am deaf with C.I. - basic BSL, want to learn more. Go to Bridgwater and Weston Super Mare signing church. Have met Gill several times. I think this is a wonderful!! My kind friend Astrid sent me this from Bristol - she has cycled round the world in 2 years - a magical feat! I found life difficult when becoming deaf and decided to make it more `visible` by making BSL jewellery. I have sold some and donate to BSL bible translation, so it is lovely to have this and I will tell my friends about it. JN