On dry ground

Bible Reading: Joshua 4:1-9
Author: Shontell Brewer (Nevada, US)
Sunday 7 January 2018 © The Upper Room.
Several years ago, my husband and I felt content with our lives. We had five young children, a beautiful home and were both working at jobs we loved. We thanked God regularly for all the good things in our lives. Then my husband was made redundant. This news felt like being punched in the stomach. We lost our home and many of our other belongings. Nearly all our savings had to be used for moving expenses. I grew up knowing that when trials come, I need to rely more strongly on my faith. So, in this struggle I tried to remember that I serve a God who has never let me down. I made a list of all the ways God had been faithful to my family and me. The blessings seemed endless.

When Joshua placed those twelve stones in the Jordan, they were to serve as a reminder that at one time the ground was dry. God’s power provided a dry ground in the middle of a raging river so that Joshua could lead the Israelites through to God’s future. After everyone had crossed, and Joshua had set up the pile of twelve stones, the waters crashed in, covering all evidence of their passage, but the stones remained as a solid reminder of God’s help for the Israelites. This story can give us the hope and courage to trust God to present new possibilities when our path seems  impossible.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, help us to respond in faith when we face difficulties, and bring to our minds the signs of your never-failing goodness to us. Amen
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