Lessons from a Violet

Bible Reading: James 5:13-18
Author: Linda Kinde (Florida, US)
Friday 27 November 2020 © The Upper Room.

After returning from a long holiday, I retrieved my African violets from a friend. Three of the four plants had lovely purple flowers and deep green leaves. The fourth had soft, yellow leaves and no blooms. I was surprised, but then I recalled that I hadn’t seen blossoms on that plant for at least two years.

Patiently, I continued to water all my violets, even the fourth plant. Gradually, its leaves turned from pure yellow to a pretty shade of yellow-green, but it remained flowerless. Eventually a tiny purple flower appeared! It seemed to be hiding under the leaves—just waiting to be discovered. Then, more blooms popped up among the now-green leaves. Each day brought me joy as I checked for more flowers.

What spiritual life lessons this hardy little plant provided! God is with us, even when we least expect it. Patience, persistence, faith and prayer will bring us blessings. How many of us have found our prayers answered after we have already given up hope! We may encounter people and situations that turn out to be just the answer to our prayers. Like the unexpected bloom, situations like these remind us that God is working in our lives.

Prayer: Dear God, help us to be hopeful and to trust you. May we always expect your nearness, protection, guidance and love. Amen

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