Our Youthful God

Bible Reading: Psalm 71:9-18
Author: Steven Thompson (Iowa, US)
Friday 27 November 2020 © The Upper Room.

At times the challenges of ageing—aches and pains, strained eyesight, muffled hearing, and ‘senior moments’—cause doubts and fears within me. Troubling questions surface. Will my mind fall prey to dementia? Will I lose mobility and have to go into care? Will unforeseen circumstances deplete my finances? Sometimes I even imagine that God is growing feeble within me.

When my faith is challenged by these questions, I recall what God has done in the past. He lifted my family out of a financial crisis and sustained us during my back surgery. He helped me to overcome the rejection and ridicule of others when I faced a personal trial. When I reflect on my life, I realise that God has never failed me.

Recalling these instances reminds me that God’s power has not waned. While the strength and vigour of my physical body fade, the eternal youth of God’s Holy Spirit restores my soul daily. I am constantly assured that God, who empowered and guided me throughout my working years, is also able to help me meet the demands of ageing.

Prayer: Dear God, thank you for being with us and sustaining us throughout the challenges of each stage of life. Amen

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Thanks for your daily devotions. It helps me to stay focused and realise my work with a deaf blind lady is all worthwhile. E'OD