Escaping Bitterness

Bible Reading: Corinthians 2:5-10
Author: Avon White (Tennessee, US)
Friday 3 July 2020 © The Upper Room.

I went to college with a dream of creating television and film entertainment. When I left, the few local television shows and one film I worked on did not lead to additional projects. Over time my dream has melted away, but a recent opportunity offered me a second chance. I worked for months to make the most of this opportunity, but then my business partner told me that he was no longer interested. I felt angry, betrayed and bitter.

That same week my church group studied forgiveness. We read Proverbs 20:22 and discussed biblical ways of working through a wrong done to us. We read Mark 11:25 where we are instructed to forgive offences before we pray. I thought that to be able to forgive, I had to find a way to get past my bitterness. The only solution I could think of was to pray that God would change me. Over time those prayers helped me move beyond my bitterness and anger.

God can free us from these and other emotions that destroy our joy and keep us from forgiving others. We can always rest, knowing that God is just a prayer away to help us change.

Prayer: Dear God, comfort us in times of hurt and disappointment. Lead us into your word where we can find strength, direction and renewed hope. Amen

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It looks very slick and professional which in itself gives glory to God. Not only will it help the Deaf Christians in this country but it will also be an excellent resource for those of us interpreters who interpret in Christian settings. I pray that God continues to bless you in this initiative and look forward to testimonies of Deaf people that have come to faith through watching them as well. WE