The Power of Touch

Bible Reading: John 20:19-31
Author: Karen E. Brown (Mississippi, US)
Saturday 25 May 2024 © The Upper Room.

Because I am blind, touch is important to me. I use Braille to read the Bible and the notes I have prepared to teach my Sunday school class.

 Friends will describe the floral arrangements on our church altar, but I need to touch the flowers fully to appreciate their beauty. For me, a warm handshake or hug is an especially important connection with someone. The sun on my skin or the gentle breeze in my hair reminds me that God is creating new life. Perhaps this is why I am drawn to the story of Thomas and his need to touch the risen Jesus. Thomas was absent when Jesus appeared to the disciples inside the locked room the first time. And I often wonder, ‘Where was he? Had his grief led him to wander alone? Why did he isolate himself from those who shared his suffering? Was he afraid of being identified with the followers of Jesus?’

We are not given answers to these questions, but we are told that one week later Jesus returned and this time Thomas was present. Jesus told Thomas to touch the wounds left by crucifixion. He wanted to do whatever it took to help Thomas believe he was alive and real. Jesus seeks to reveal himself in unique ways to each of us.

Prayer: Loving God, awaken all my senses to your living presence. Amen 

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Hi Clark, I like (especially) the today devotions, they really are cheering me up! Thanks to you and your team! Love, Sabine (Germany)