A Holy Comforter

Bible Reading: John 14:13-18
Author: Jack D. Kendall (Iowa, USA)
Thursday 5 December 2013 © The Upper Room.
The farmhouse where I grew up was cold and draughty. I slept upstairs, and the only heat came from a wood stove in the room below. But during the night the fire would go out. My mum worried about my not being warm enough. So on cold nights she would tuck me in, piling on several blankets. Not only did I feel toasty warm, but I also felt safe, loved and comforted. When I think of my childhood those blankets remind me how much I was loved and cared for. In this passage from the Gospel of John, the Greek word translated comforter is parakletos, which also means intercessor, counsellor and advocate. The Comforter Jesus was speaking of is the Holy Spirit that God sends to dwell with us for ever so that we need never feel alone or afraid or insecure or unloved. Once we become adults, we may leave behind childish fears, but when the world caves in and the future appears threatening, we all still need to feel the reassurance that comes when someone comforts us. Jesus explains that the Comforter will dwell with us and in us. I will not leave you comfortless, he promised (John 14:18). In an often comfortless world, Jesus words are indeed comforting. Prayer: God of all comfort, we thank you for the indwelling of your Holy Spirit. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen
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