Bible Reading: Matthew 14:25-31
Author: Colin D. Harbach (Cumbria, England)
Wednesday 4 December 2013 © The Upper Room.

Dora Greenwell, who lived in 19th-century County Durham in England, was a most remarkable woman.

She was self-taught in theo­logy and could read books in a number of other languages. She wrote inspirational verse and devotional prose, and engaged in a wide variety of social concerns, including education, prisons and mental health.

All this was done against a daunting background of family difficulties and personal ill-health.

In the front of her books is her motto, a cross grasped by a hand and the words: ‘Et teneo et teneor—I both hold and am held.’

It is a phrase I learn to appreciate more and more. I try to remember it in all my different daily experiences.

However difficult life may be, strength and courage are restored when I remember to hold to the cross and at the same time know that I am held in God’s love.

Here is our security for this life and the next. Trusting in the cross of Jesus is my sure hope of everything working together for good.

Leaning on God is my certainty that I cannot fall from his care.

Prayer: Lord Jesus Christ, keep my grip on the cross firm as I trust your sure care for me. Amen

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BSL devotions is such a fantastic resource, thank you so much for starting it up and developing the site. I am a Christian hearing person who works with deaf people and have loved the opportunity to develop my understanding of and use of christian signs through the videos. It would be great to know who all the sign interpreters are as well as those who write the devotional content. Perhaps as the website grows in the future, UK deaf and hearing Christians can contribute to the devotion content. Many thanks and blessings. Please keep the site going! HJ