The Begat-itudes

Bible Reading: Matthew 1:1-17
Author: Robert G. Farmer (Georgia, USA)
Thursday 21 November 2013 © The Upper Room.

There they are, all 44 of them—some tall, some short, some Jewish, some Gentile, some righteous, some not—but one thing in particular united them all: they were all in the lineage of Jesus.

How can that be? One is even from Moab! One is an adulterer and murderer! And what about that Canaanite prostitute? She’s there too.

So what does all this tell us? Surely God can use anyone to accomplish his perfect will.

This powerful truth tells me that I do not have to be tall to be useful to God. I do not have to be strong or attractive to be chosen for work in his kingdom. I don’t even have to be exceptionally smart. If I trust and obey, God can do anything through me.

May we all strive to live for Jesus and not ourselves so that our lives will clearly say, ‘My God can do anything through anyone, because he is Lord of all!’

Prayer: Lord of all, help me to keep my eyes on you and to be obedient. May all your purposes come to pass in my life. Amen

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I am profoundly Deaf, This website is Brilliant Praise the Lord, God is good This is what we Deaf people need to get to know God and that we are not alone, I am very lucky woman i have a good family and friends and i know there is a lot of Deaf people out there that don’t know that God sent his Son to died for us for our sins, WOW to know that we can be forgiven and start a new life live like Jesus in our thinking and doing. BD