Love Letter from God

Bible Reading: 2 Timothy 3:10-17
Author: Gerald McCann (Gauteng, South Africa)
Wednesday 20 November 2013 © The Upper Room.

A dear friend of mine carries a deep and painful love in her heart.

Twenty-five years ago, her eldest son turned his back on her and left home. He has never tried to contact her again, despite repeated attempts on her part to get in touch with him.

This mother’s love for her lost son remains inexpressibly deep and true. Each day, she writes in a diary a brief letter to her son, telling him of the daily events in her life.

She has already filled three books with these love letters from a mother’s aching heart. Perhaps he will one day return, even after she has gone; and he will read her lifetime of love letters to him.

This mother’s story reminds me of God’s love for his lost children everywhere and his personal love for each of us.

The Bible contains God’s eternal love letters to us, written a long time ago. When we were lost, we had no desire to read them.

But when we return home, they should become the most precious possessions in our lives, to be read and treasured each day.

Prayer: Loving Father, thank you for the Bible that contains the whole history of your love for us. Amen

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