No Unneeded Parts

Bible Reading: Exodus 31:1-11
Author: Terry Sexton (Tennessee, USA)
Monday 18 November 2013 © The Upper Room.

Have you ever assembled something and then realised that you have some parts left over? And you just can’t seem to work out where that part or piece goes?

Your assembled item seems to work properly, so you assume that it wasn’t needed in the first place.

However, you eventually find out just how important that part was to the whole item. Many things have parts that, even though you can’t see them, are still important to the function of that item.

The church is much the same. Some people place a greater value on those positions in the church that are more visible such as the pastor, a teacher or a choir leader.

But the truth is, God sees all of us as valuable. In Exodus 31 we see how God filled a craftsman with the skill and ability to work with his hands.

Everyone is valuable to God. Maybe God hasn’t called us to preach or teach, but we were each given some ability to serve.

We are all enabled by God to do different things. Bezalel’s work in building was just as valuable as Moses’ work in leading.

Even if the work we do isn’t seen by a lot of people, it is still valuable.

Prayer: Loving God, help us to realise that each one of us is important to the work of your Church. In Jesus’ name. Amen

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