Time with God

Bible Reading: Psalm 34:3-10
Author: Fabiana Vargas de Pfoederl (Misiones, Argentina)
Sunday 17 November 2013 © The Upper Room.

For a long time my husband and I spent many hours at work. We barely had time to spend together or to share family time to study God’s word.

But one day while we were reading Ecclesiastes 3:1–5, the scripture passage helped us to decide to make God the centre of our lives.

For some time a number of factors, principally work-related, separated us from our Creator. We decided to amend our work schedule and to close our shop earlier at night.

We discovered that a daily encounter with God is crucial to our lives.

We know there is time for everything in life, so we must not become careless with our time. Time with God—alone or with family—is essential for our spiritual growth.

So now we make the time to speak and to share our thoughts and feelings with the Lord.

Since we learned the importance of spending time with God and reading and studying scripture, our family has been blessed. Thanks be to God!

Prayer: Dear Lord, help us as we plan our days not to neglect the time we need to spend with you. Amen

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Hi Clark, I like (especially) the today devotions, they really are cheering me up! Thanks to you and your team! Love, Sabine (Germany)