The Road Ahead

Bible Reading: Romans 8:18-25
Author: Cindy Owens (Ohio, USA)
Monday 9 September 2013 © The Upper Room.
While I was driving home on the motorway, dark clouds and intermittent rain showers surrounded me.
As I approached a bridge, I could see a motorcyclist who had wisely stopped underneath to get out of the rain. I tend to notice motorcycles because my husband and I used to enjoy riding so much. 

When he died from cancer several years ago, I missed going on those pleasurable motorcycle rides with him. 

Now when I see other motorcyclists, I thank God for the wonderful memories my husband and I shared together as we enjoyed the beautiful scenery on our riding adventures.

Soon after I passed the bridge, I drove out of the rain and the road ahead was dry. I thought of that motorcyclist and how all around him it was dark and rainy, but just ahead the surrounding conditions were clear and dry. 

And then I thought about my own life, my husband’s battle with cancer and how often I have felt afraid to believe that, no matter what the circumstances look like around me, God will provide.

While I may have to wait a little longer, my road ahead is going to be better than what I see now. God is faithful and has promised to work all things for good for those who love him.

Prayer: Dear God, thank you for the promise of your presence through the Holy Spirit, even when our days seem dark and troublesome. Amen
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Just to let you know that l like your BSL video about BSL Daily Devotions. l pray God for you! l am born again Christian. so l attends new life church in Croydon. l know that God will come anytime. That is good for you to set up for deaf people have to learn and aware of your presentation about God's words. I am glad that you deliver God's spirits in you. l understand that you had colon cancer. God knows that he love you always. l am glad that you had been baptism already. Amazing praise God!! Amen! l like to watch your BSL Daily Devotions. Thanks, God bless you always. JR