Bible Reading: Isaiah 43:5-7
Author: Mr. Hope Harle-Mould (New York, USA)
Thursday 30 November 2023 © The Upper Room.
On a ministry trip, I stopped in London and spent a day at the Greenwich Observatory, from which all time zones of the world are measured: Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).  It’s where all maps and GPS coordinates begin, zero degrees longitude.  Outside the observatory, a thick red line — along the Greenwich Prime Meridian — emblazons the ground for tourists to come and take pictures with one foot in the Western Hemisphere and one foot in the Eastern Hemisphere, thus being two places at once.

After arriving in Ghana and touring the port city of Team, I was stunned and delighted to learn that the prime meridian slices right through the city, precisely 4400 miles south of Greenwich, and that a church sits directly upon it: The Presbyterian Church of the Greenwich Meridian.  For a long time I stood before that church, thinking about Christ — our Alpha and Omega — our beginning and end.

When we have lost our bearings, our courage, our vision and cannot see the way ahead, we can turn to our Saviour, our Source and Destination.  In Christ, East and West meet.  He is the place where we were first loved and baptised, the place where we were first called and empowered to go forth and serve.  

Prayer: Dear Jesus, align our inner spiritual compass that we may be faithful. Amen.
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