Bible Reading: Luke 9:1-6
Author: Mr. Manus Thepjunta (Phrae, Thailand)
Thursday 30 November 2023 © The Upper Room.
In today’s passage, Jesus sends out the twelve disciples to teach and heal.  I believe we are all called to follow Jesus’ command by sharing the gospel and leading others to salvation.  But I still have many concerns: my family’s well-being, my livelihood as a pastor, and my family and community’s economic situation.  As a pastor, I am very concerned about how we budget our money, and I have to decide how much goes toward evangelisation.

Recently, an organisation asked me to serve God through their ministry to teach underprivileged children about music and about the message of Jesus Christ.  The organisation paid all of my expenses and supported the children I served with clothing, food, travel expenses, and school supplies.  But in the six months I worked for this organisation, I still had concerns about whether I was serving well and following Jesus’ command to the disciples.

No matter how we serve, we are called to share Jesus’ message of salvation for all.  When we share in God’s ministry, we can have faith in God’s promises.  When we dedicate our life too God’s work, we do not need to worry.  God prepares us to serve.

Prayer: Dear God, help us to trust in you as we do your will.  In Jesus’ name. Amen.
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