Unity And Harmony

Bible Reading: Acts 2:1-11
Author: Mr. Steven Paul Simmons (Texas, USA)
Friday 24 January 2020 © The Upper Room.
In our prison we have two choirs.  One sings in English and the other in Spanish.  I am in the English choir.  On the months that have a fifth Sunday, we celebrate what we call “Super Sunday.”  On Super Sundays, the English and Spanish choirs join together to sing every song in both languages.
Our first Super Sunday became a powerful experience when we all sang together in harmony.  During the altar call, both choirs surrounded the congregation while singing “We Give You All” or “Recibe.”  Those who felt called to pray did so.  I got down on my knees, put my face to the ground, and felt the Holy Spirit surround me as I prayed.  When I finished praying, I stood and looked across the congregation.  What I saw amazed me.  As I looked from person to person, I knew Jesus was smiling and loving his church.

In the scripture quoted above, the psalmist says it is good and pleasant when God’s people live in unity.  When believers come together in love to worship, the connection and unity that occur are powerful.  Jesus’ love unifies believers and creates harmony.  Whether we are at church, work, home, or even in prison, we can be encouraged by the power of worshiping as one.

Prayer: Dear God, help us to live and worship together in harmony today and every day. Amen.

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I really love your new website and videos, praise God! Thank God for helping Ramon beat cancer, thank God for His saving grace and healing Holy Spirit. Thank you. God bless you all. SH