Losing Focus

Bible Reading: Matthew 14:22-33
Author: Mr. Ron Lazenby (Alabama, USA)
Friday 7 June 2019 © The Upper Room.
One afternoon, I was standing on my paddle board, looking into the clear water below.  Suddenly, I saw a large, ominous shadow approaching.  I strained to see what it was and began to slowly turn toward it.  As I worried about the scary unknown, I lost my concentration on my paddle boarding technique and found myself submerged in deep water with my board flipped upside-down.  Worse yet, I no longer knew where the shadow was.  Fearing a shark would sense my distress and attack, I tightly gripped the board as panic overcame me.  I prayed, “Help me, God!”  Deciding to trust in God’s protection, I returned to shore unharmed.

Sometimes when I’m gliding across the Gulf on my paddle board I wonder what it was like for Peter to walk on the stormy sea.  While focusing on Jesus, he was “gliding” across the water as I do on my board.  Then, when he focused on the threat, he lost sight of Jesus.

We all will face many challenges throughout our lives — death, disease, or job loss.  These challenges can be scary, especially if we try to face them alone.  Instead, we can confront them head-on through prayer, Bible study, or by seeking help from fellow Christians.  I am always amazed at the peace God can provide during these trying times.

Prayer: Dear God, our Protector, help us to keep our focus on you so we won’t sink into treacherous waters.  Thank you for being with us. Amen.

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