A Mother's Faith

Bible Reading: Matthew 7:13-14
Author: Mr. Clint Bowman (North Carolina, USA)
Saturday 6 June 2020 © The Upper Room.
A devout follower of Jesus Christ, my mom has emailed a “Weekly Inspiration” to her children, friends, and co-workers for over five years.  Each of these emails contains an insightful and empowering message that has served as a guide for me on how to live out the week ahead through believing and having faith in God.  My mom’s relationship with God always serves as an example for me of what Jesus meant when he said, “Make every effort to enter through the narrow door.”

Mom has always made her best effort in her own journey toward salvation, and is constantly finding new ways to spread the word of Christ and lead others to him.  From her weekly inspirations, to distributing The Upper Room, to being an active church member, my mom inspires me to be a better person and to make sure I am putting forth my best effort so that I may be able to enter into God’s kingdom. 

Prayer: Dear God, each day give us the courage and strength to live out our lives according to your will.  Amen.

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Praise be to God for this mission! What a wonderful service it is going to bring to BSL users both Christians and those who are seeking the Lord.