Bible Reading: Romans 12:1-3
Author: Mr. John Groves (Maryland, USA)
Saturday 6 June 2020 © The Upper Room.
I was approaching my senior years when God let me know in no uncertain terms that my many years of prodigal-son-type bad behaviour — excessive drinking and gambling, for instance — needed to come to an end.  After crashing my truck into a tree during one of my drunken stupors, I finally saw a clear choice: I could allow God to rule the rest of my life, or I could choose the world.  I made the decision to let God’s love, grace, and forgiveness convert me into a fruitful Christian, which began with repentance and breaking away from the wasteful life I had led for 55 years.

Abstaining from that lifestyle of reckless behaviour changed my life to one worth living — fasting from my worldly ways in order to feast on God’s word.  I now try to serve others and give back in gratitude for all God has given me.  I will always be a Christian who is under construction, attempting to refrain from the bad habits that plagued me for so many years.  But now I have a saviour who has transformed me into a wiser, loving, and more caring person.

Prayer: Dear God, guide us each day so that we may come to love you more and do your will.  In Jesus’ name we pray.  Amen. 

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Hi Bro/ Sis, BSL daily devotion is brilliant and useful for all BSL users and know more about Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Also, know more what is mean to us and to our spiritual life. MA