Bible Reading: Romans 8:1-11
Author: Mrs. Lynn Hare (Oregon, USA)
Wednesday 10 April 2019 © The Upper Room.
From a wheelchair I leaned forward beside the hospital bed of my four-month-old son, Ben, and touched his small hand.  I wished I could reach his cheek below the white bandage wrapped around his head.  Machines attached to tubes in his head and chest were keeping him alive.  My heart was heavy — not only because we were both in physical pain from a serious car accident, but because I was filled with relentless guilt.  I had turned to tend to Ben which caused me to drive off the road and level a metal light pole.  Now my baby had an immobile eye, arm, and leg.  Over and over, I asked God to forgive me — until I felt a whisper in my heart: “Do not ask forgiveness a thousand times.  Repent once, and then thank me 999 times for your forgiveness through my son, Jesus Christ.”

We rejoiced when Ben and I recovered physically, but with a gradual understanding of God’s unconditional forgiveness, another quiet miracle unfolded: I came to forgive myself for harming my son.  Our heavenly Father loves us so much that we don’t have to come to God like beggars.  Instead, we can confidently thank God for forgiving us so that we can also forgive ourselves.

Prayer: Thank you, Holy Redeemer, for your grace that flows freely to all of us.  Amen.
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Thanks for your daily devotions. It helps me to stay focused and realise my work with a deaf blind lady is all worthwhile. E'OD