Citizens Of Heaven

Bible Reading: Philippians 3:17-21
Author: Ms. Rhoda Manzo (Gombe State, Nigeria)
Sunday 10 March 2019 © The Upper Room.
In 2010, four of us from Nigeria were accepted to do doctoral work in Washington, DC.  The paperwork was complete, and all we needed were our visas.  I was the last person to go for an interview.  Because the other three had gotten their visas, I felt confident I would as well.  As the day for the interview drew near, I stood before my congregation to bid them farewell.  I said goodbye to my family too because I was to leave on my flight immediately after receiving the visa.  On the day of the interview, I went to the embassy confidently, but I was denied the visa.  I felt dejected, and I could not understand why I had been denied.  How could I face my congregation and family? What would I tell them?

Two years later, I applied again.  Thankfully, I was given a visa and eventually earned my degree.  

Today’s text shows Paul’s confidence in his own citizenship in heaven and assures us of ours.  Paul had been entrusted with a task and he had been faithfully doing it.  He awaited the day when his body would be transformed and he would enter the place of his heavenly citizenship.  I thank God that we don’t need to apply for a visa to get into heaven!  We can live each day assured of our citizenship in heaven, with our heavenly home always in sight.

Prayer: Dear God, help us to remember that our stay here is temporary.  Thank you for the hope of an eternity with you.  Amen.Thought for the Day: God’s grace assures me that I will be welcomed as a citizen of heaven.

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I really love your new website and videos, praise God! Thank God for helping Ramon beat cancer, thank God for His saving grace and healing Holy Spirit. Thank you. God bless you all. SH