Songs In The Night

Bible Reading: Psalm 42:5-8
Author: Mr. Ron Silflow (Idaho, USA)
Saturday 9 March 2019 © The Upper Room.
As I turn on the barn lights and gather the cows for their early morning milking, a few sparrows begin a soft chatter in the milking-parlor rafters.  They remind me of a few choir members gathering on a Sunday morning to warm up their voices.  At this early hour, I start out grumpy.  I love caring for the animals, but I feel lonely.  The night gloom and my mundane tasks feel heavy on my soul.  My focus turns to self-pity.  I long for daylight.  But then I notice a stunning sparrow rhythm unfold.  About two hours before dawn, the bird chatter gradually swells to a soft, slow, throat-vibrating song directed heavenward.  I feel invited to join.  Sometimes I add my feeble songs of praise to the bird choir.  Other times I just listen.  I feel the icy heaviness melt, and joy and hope awaken in me.  Yes, the darkness will end soon.

Maybe, when we become keenly aware of our loneliness, our physical or relational wounds, our longing for darkness to turn to light, we can learn from the rhythms of the bird songs.  Their songs reach a climax of praise during darkness to usher in the light they are expecting to come.

Prayer:  Dear God, thank you for directing your love toward us by day and causing your song to be with us by night.  Amen.Thought for the Day: Even in the night, God’s songs are there, calling forth joy within me.

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Hi Bro/ Sis, BSL daily devotion is brilliant and useful for all BSL users and know more about Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Also, know more what is mean to us and to our spiritual life. MA