Follow Me

Bible Reading: John 1:35-42
Author: Mr. Kevin Thomas (Alabama)
Wednesday 6 February 2019 © The Upper Room.
Jesus’ invitation was for us to follow. But I would much rather believe than follow; it’s easier.  I can sit in the comfort of my study and believe all sorts of things: the Virgin Birth, walking on water, feeding the 5,000, the Crucifixion and Resurrection.  No problem!  I have no trouble believing while I sit safely behind my desk.

But, Jesus says, “Follow me.”  I don’t want to follow because following requires getting up.  It requires leaving — leaving comfort, perhaps family, friends, job, and hobbies.  Followers in the Bible left all those things behind. Following can be costly.  It can hurt.  Still, Jesus says to follow.

But I don’t know if I’ll like where he leads me.  He has a reputation for hanging out with a scandalous crowd: lepers, prostitutes, thieves.  His crowd could hurt my reputation.
Following might be dangerous.  Again, Jesus says, “Drop everything.  Take up your cross.  Follow me.”

So I’ve followed when Jesus calls me out of my comfortable place to a developing country to install water filters, to a meal with homeless neighbours, to a career in ministry rather than medicine.  And I’ve discovered that though the risks of acting on my faith are often high, so is the reward of living as Jesus would have us to live.

Prayer: Dear Jesus, give us strength and courage to follow you wherever you lead us.  Amen. 

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