God Of Restoration

Bible Reading: Philippians 4:10-13
Author: Mrs. Margaret Young (New South Wales, Australia)
Sunday 6 January 2019 © The Upper Room.
In January 1995 our family went through a very difficult time.  While we were away on holiday, an early morning knock at the door brought news that our car had been vandalized and our house burned almost entirely to the ground.  What we had in our suitcases and what we were wearing were now all that we owned.

Throughout this crisis, God’s helping hand was immediate.  We were able to stay in the church manse which was vacant at the time.  It was a comfortable accommodation and was offered free of charge for six months.  Then a Christian friend organized a fundraiser for us, which we accepted with gratitude.  Another friend gave us a Bible, which I still cherish.  While we lost many precious items, our lives were safe and we experienced love that we will never forget.

We now live on two and a half acres of land in the country; God’s blessings have continued daily, and we have learned that no loss is too big for God to restore.

Prayer: We thank you, God, for always watching over us especially in our struggles.  Amen.
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