Sweet peace

Bible Reading: Read John 16:15-33
Author: Gerri Nicholas (Alberta, Canada)
Thursday 6 December 2018 © The Upper Room.
While my husband’s Uncle Jim was in hospital awaiting open-heart surgery, he received the shocking news that his only son had been instantly killed in a logging accident. Jim was inconsolable. ‘Why not me instead of him?’ he cried out to God. When it seemed he had no more tears to shed, a gentle calm came over him. ‘It was as if the Holy Spirit surrounded me,’ Jim explained, ‘and my troubled spirit finally rested. I still didn’t understand why, but I did have the assurance that my boy was safe with my heavenly Father and I experienced a peace that only God could bring.’

Not long before his death, Jesus told his disciples that a time would come when their faith would be tested to the point of abandoning him. But he also assured them that they would find peace, be united by a strengthened faith and ultimately share in his victory.

That seems to be the journey often experienced by Christ’s follow- ers when trouble strikes – first shock and despair, but after a while the calming sense of the Holy Spirit’s presence and the comforting aware- ness, ‘We are not alone!’ A welcome peace eventually comes – just as Jesus promised. But no matter what our circumstances, God is still with us, and we will share in his ultimate victory.

Prayer: Gracious God, thank you for your steadfast love. Sustain us in difficult times. Amen
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Just wanted to say thank you for making BSL daily devotions available. I am hearing and often sign at church for d/Deaf friends. I am finding this resource very useful in helping me improve my signing skills as well as focussing on God every day, bless you. CR