Praying for one another

Bible Reading: Read James 5:13-16
Author: Robert J. Beyer (Florida, US)
Wednesday 10 October 2018 © The Upper Room.
‘Do you pray? Would you like me to pray for you and me?’ I was lying awaiting an operation as I heard these words from my surgeon. I assured him of my gratitude, and he prayed; and I entered the oper- ating theatre with peace and assurance. Since that time I have often thought of the way my life has been blessed through the prayers of others. Parents, teachers, people in churches and my work colleagues – the list goes on and on. Their prayers have been a vital part of my

Those memories cause me to realise how important it is for
me to be part of that ministry of intercession. All around us people need God’s touch and long to know that others care for them and are peti- tioning him on their behalf. If we open our eyes and ears, we will see their needs, which he supplies through his people. Our offer of prayer can provide hope and can assure them that they do not face their trials alone. We may not be able to meet all their needs, but we can pray. And our God will hear and answer those

Prayer: Dear Lord God, show us the needs of those around us so that we can give hope and peace to others as we serve and pray for them. In Jesus’ name. Amen
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I just wanted to congratulate you on this initiative. What an amazing resource for the Deaf community in the UK. Thank God for your obedience in going forward with this. GL