Spirit surfing?

Bible Reading: Read Romans 8:26-28
Author: Meg Mangan (New South Wales, Australia)
Tuesday 9 October 2018 © The Upper Room.
Augusta, Australia, is a great place for windsurfing
enthusiasts. It is windy and exposed, making it ideal for this
sporting activity that appeals to the young, the very fit and those with the right equipment, training and free-spirited attitude. As many as 30 people may be wind- surfing at a time. All rely on the same wind, but they follow very differ- ent trajectories and patterns across the water. Some surfers are able to get their boards airborne as they manoeuvre their sails, skimming across the waves and making use of the wind currents.

As Christians, we too make use of the wind – the Holy Spirit – to pro- pel us along God’s path. The Spirit empowers us to perform all sorts of wonders for the cause of Christ. But sometimes we lack the com- mitment or the willingness to be blown in a new direction. We would rather choose a path safe from strong winds or sudden twists and turns. But what exhilaration and joys are we missing out on when we choose the safe way, rather than the way of the Spirit?

Prayer: Dear Jesus, help us to trust God implicitly, the way you did, so that we will be ready to allow the Spirit to direct our paths.
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