God’s eternal supply

Bible Reading: Read Isaiah 40:27–31
Author: Lin Daniels (Massachusetts, US)
Thursday 4 October 2018 © The Upper Room.
I live in an area where storms, called Nor’easters, ride up the coast and hit us hard. When such a storm is predicted, people stock up on essentials like bread, water and petrol. Often the demand is so great that there are empty shelves in supermarkets or signs at petrol stations indicating that the fuel supplies have run out.

As I was thinking about this in the midst of a storm, I
remembered that God is always rich in supplies. His love is eternaland his mercy and strength never run out.

At times I have underestimated God’s resources. In my younger days, I was often afraid to pray when I could not imagine an answer to my prayer. I am beginning to realise that I don’t have to worry about whether a prayer could be answered. Instead I need only to trust in the One whose supply of love, mercy and strength is
abundant and always available.

Prayer: Dear Lord, thank you for faithfully loving us. Help us to share your gifts of mercy and forgiveness with others. Amen
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I am profoundly Deaf, This website is Brilliant Praise the Lord, God is good This is what we Deaf people need to get to know God and that we are not alone, I am very lucky woman i have a good family and friends and i know there is a lot of Deaf people out there that don’t know that God sent his Son to died for us for our sins, WOW to know that we can be forgiven and start a new life live like Jesus in our thinking and doing. BD