Love poured out

Bible Reading: Matthew 10: 40 - 42
Author: Megan. L. Anderson (Indiana, US)
Tuesday 11 September 2018 © The Upper Room.
As the organiser of a teenage coffee-bar ministry, I have the privilege of spending time each Thursday with some brilliant young people.They’re full of life. They brim with passion about their interests and laugh with an abandon that is rare among adults. But each week – over steaming cups of cappuccino – they tell me how domestic abuse, disease, homelessness, the death of loved ones, depression and a slew of other adversities weigh on their hearts. And each time, my heart breaks a little more, too. What can be done about such overwhelming suffering?

As much as I wish I could mend their broken hearts, I can’t. Jesus is the only one with the power to do that. But he can use me despite the cracks in my own heart. He can pour out his Spirit through my pouring a fresh cup of coffee or tea and offering a sense of his presence as I sit down to share a listening ear or word of encouragement. Though we can’t solve all the world’s problems, by being present and willing to listen, we can let the love of God flow through us to those around us.
Prayer: Compassionate God, help us to share your overflowing love with those we meet today. Amen

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I am profoundly Deaf, This website is Brilliant Praise the Lord, God is good This is what we Deaf people need to get to know God and that we are not alone, I am very lucky woman i have a good family and friends and i know there is a lot of Deaf people out there that don’t know that God sent his Son to died for us for our sins, WOW to know that we can be forgiven and start a new life live like Jesus in our thinking and doing. BD