Light from God's Word

Bible Reading: Daniel 2: 19 - 23
Author: Lisa Stackpole
Friday 7 September 2018 © The Upper Room.
When my Bible study group began a series on Daniel, the leader suggested that each week we memorise a portion of the passage from today’s reading. I groaned inwardly, thinking, memorising is for younger people. My brain doesn’t work that way anymore. I read scripture daily, and I still remember some verses I learned decades ago, but as for memorising new ones – well, I wasn’t optimistic. Still, having nothing to lose, I gave it my best shot. If I couldn’t memorise it, I reasoned, I would still benefit from meditating on it.

For the next weeks I began my devotional times by reading each week’s section several times, emphasising different words. I  began to notice parallels with my daily life. I meditated on ‘He changes times and seasons’ in the midst of the glorious autumn foliage. And in the same verse, ‘he deposes kings and raises up others’ gave me comfort during the latest upheaval in the Middle East. The week when I asked God for wisdom in making an important decision,  I was encouraged while repeating, ‘you have given me wisdom and power’. After five weeks, I was surprised to find that I had memorised the verses.

That was several months ago, and I still begin time with the Lord by repeating this passage. It not only helps me focus on God, but it also reminds me how much his word speaks to our lives.
Prayer: Dear God, thank you for your word, which lights our path each day.  Amen

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I am profoundly Deaf, This website is Brilliant Praise the Lord, God is good This is what we Deaf people need to get to know God and that we are not alone, I am very lucky woman i have a good family and friends and i know there is a lot of Deaf people out there that don’t know that God sent his Son to died for us for our sins, WOW to know that we can be forgiven and start a new life live like Jesus in our thinking and doing. BD