Jesus is Our Guide

Bible Reading: Psalm 25: 4 - 10
Author: Gilda Picioccio (New Jersey, US)
Tuesday 7 August 2018 © The Upper Room.
We arrived for a weekend with my older son at his college. He led us through the car park to the entrance of a hiking trail. ‘Have you ever been on this trail before?’ I asked. ‘No. But we’ll just follow it and see where it leads,’ my son replied confidently. ‘OK,’ I thought as we began, but I wondered where we would find ourselves at the end of the trail.  It was slightly overgrown in places, and all we could rely on was the path in front of us. We followed the path, trusting that it would lead us through. It did! We passed some beautiful scenery and animals along the way, and finally reached the end, happy and safe.

Sometimes our lives can be like following an overgrown path. We may start out eager and confident, certain that we will reach our goals and our dreams. But as we travel, we can become confused about the direction we are going. The only way we can keep going is to keep our eye on the path before us.

Jesus leads us along the trails of our lives and guides us as we        journey. Through scripture and prayer, we can travel through life with confidence. Christ will lead us and guide us and bring us safely to our journey’s end.

Prayer: Dear Jesus, help us to remain focused on your path. Give us courage to follow where you lead. Amen
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