God knows best

Bible Reading: Isaiah 48:12-19
Author: Esther Zeiset (Pennsylvania, US)
Monday 11 June 2018 © The Upper Room.

When our son Joel was learning to ride a bike, he had to ride in the driveway and on the lawn because there were  no  pavements  near  our house. Our gravel driveway was short and bumpy, and riding on the lawn wasn’t much fun either. So Joel eyed the road in front of our house hopefully. My husband looked at the same road, but where Joel saw a straight, smooth, wide stretch where he could ride, my husband saw fast-moving traffic – definitely not a safe place for a five-year-old to develop his cycling skills. My husband didn’t enjoy withholding this pleasure from our son, but where Joel saw fun, my husband saw danger.

Sometimes it is hard to understand God’s commandments or why he withholds what looks so good and right to us. But our perspective is limited. We can’t know or see what God knows and sees. We can only trust that out of great love for us, God looks out for our welfare to accomplish what is best for us in the long run.

Prayer:Thank you, Father, for looking out for our good. Increase our trust in your loving heart. Amen

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Fantastic! I’m so thrilled by God’s goodness that He has brought about such a wonderful way of communicating His love and Gospel to Deaf people. I’m convinced God will use it to His glory and that it will be an effective means of nurturing Deaf Christians for whom church and the Bible is often difficult. You can be assured of my prayers in asking our Father to use these means to reach Deaf people who would never dream of entering a church building. KS